Graphic Design & Pre‑press Studio

Concept & logo design. Colour palettes & Brand guidelines. Colour correction & retouching. Pre‑press & variable data.

We turn ideas into print and screen ready brands/logos.

Bring us your ideas, aspirations or even a blank piece of paper, and we’ll work with you to generate a recognisable and marketable brand.

Ensure colour consistency, with printed and digital collateral

Did you know that a neutral grey is the most difficult colour to match across printed materials and digital screens. Do you know why?

Have you heard of metamerism? Do you understand colour spaces like RGB, CMYK and spot/pantone colours?

If the answer is not really, then we’d be happy to fill in the blanks.

Personalise your print or merchandise using variable data.

Ask us about data merging, printing on envelopes and tracked mail deliveries.

Browse our product catalogue for suitable merchandise or clothing.

It’s not all imposition, bleed and blank pages. Sometimes it’s slick serif fonts combined with subtle colour palettes.

Yes, pre-press is a pre-requisite for producing quality printed collateral. Loading fonts, handling transparencies, converting colour-spaces, checking resolution etc etc. The list of essential pre-flight checks is exhaustive and sometimes even exhausting.

Most pre-press/production studios have an eye for detail. The i‑design mk studio is no different. What’s often overlooked is their constant exposure to a truly vast volume of design and therefore an invaluable accumulation of appreciation for what works and what doesn’t!

All this means for our lovely clients is that the designs we produce will always work. It’s not boring, it’s form-follows-function best practice designing! Architects use the very same process to make sure that structures are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing!